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5 Twitter Hacks To Immediately Boost Your Recruiting

Here is some advice and rules to follow to maximize your opportunity to have your highlight tape and profile be seen by college coaches on Twitter

Use Your Real Name

Put your real name in your Profile. It is very simple to do by tapping the edit profile button. You would be surprised at how many players have names like Mrs. And 1, Mr. Bucket Getter, Yellow Daisy Lover, and etc… By Changing your name your profile is now searchable by coaches.

Place Your Highlight Tape Link In The Website Section

Put a link to your best highlight tape in your bio. You can do this by tapping the Edit Profile function. Notice I said a link to your best highlight tape. Not a link to your Hudl profile, some random recruiting service profile page unless it’s the best recruiting service in the country, Hoop Juice : ) (Still not) or etc… Lead the coach who is searching for you to your best 3 to 5 minute highlight film!!!

Add Your Location

Always tag your location as this will allow others who are the same high school, gym, or travel event you are at search you. It can also increase the chances of college coaches running across your profile. Trust me, having sat through many 100’s of games during the Spring and Summer July live periods while coaching Division 1 & Division 2 basketball, I was not always watching the games…

Who’s In This Photo

Tag college coaches, recruiting services, and other college basketball influencers in your post. These people get direct notifications to their phone and they just might view the video you tag them in.

Open Up Your Direct Messages

Opening up your direct messages allows coaches to to message you without having to wait on you to follow them back to do so. Twitter only allows someone to message you if you are following them with its standard settings. Do this below to get your direct messages open

Settings → Privacy & Safety → Direct Messages → (Cut On) Receive Message Requests

Stop Posting YouTube Links Alone…

Twitter’s algorithm for displaying content likes video content to be placed directly on their platform. Posting a YouTube link is not the most effective way to get your video viewed and on college coaches timelines… There is a statistic I heard a few weeks ago on a Podcast that said only 2% of Content on Twitter is original. The other 98% is copied and pasted from somewhere else or another source. Be in the 2%…

Post The Actual Highlight Tape Video File From Your PC or Device To Twitter

This always results in getting your video more views. When you are scrolling through Twitter you ever noticed how once you get to a post with a video and stop for .5 seconds the video will start playing automatically. Once clicked on the sound will start as well. By directly posting the video file, you essentially increase the chances of your highlight tape getting viewed, shared, and etc. It is a lot easier to ignore a video that takes you out of the Twitter App, into the YouTube app, and has to load up to be seen. We live in real-time society when it comes to digital content…

Crop Your Highlight Tape or Workout Clips Correctly

Twitter gives users the ability to post 2 minutes and 20 seconds of video per post currently. Drag the bars into the areas of the video that best highlight your abilities.


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