Secured Over $4,000,000 Million Dollars in Basketball Scholarships for Clients

Secured Over $4,000,000 Million Dollars in Basketball Scholarships for Clients

2019 Signed Class – Hoop Juice

2019 Signed Class - Hoop Juice Recruiting

Hey. I wanted to share this information with you all about the inaugural 2019 Hoop Juice Class

Here are a few staggering numbers about the 2019 class I think you should know…

Average Cost of Investment Per Athlete: 0.47%
Average Return on Investment: 23,438.08%

The 2020 Hoop Juice Recruiting Class has already Surpassed this One in Athletes that are Going to Be Connected To Basketball Scholarship Opportunities.

Stop “Blind Dating” By Going To Showcases, Elite Camps, Travel Tournaments and Etc Hoping Someone Sees You. Time to Start Thinking Strategically if You or Your Daughter Currently Do Not Have Any Scholarship Opportunities. Time is Running Thin For 2020…

I coached Division 1 & Division 2 Women’s Basketball the past 5 years and most recently coached in the NCAA Tournament in 2019. I’m looking to help you convert your College Interest into Offers… is where you can find more information on how to join!!!

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What is Hoop Juice Recruiting?

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How Hoop Juice Recruiting Can Help!

We provide Recruiting Assistance for high school, junior college, and transfer student athletes who are looking to play college basketball.

Since being founded in 2019, we have helped over 200 plus student athletes get connected to over 4 million dollars in basketball scholarships.

We use our network of College Coaches to play match-maker for our clients and guide parents and players through the Recruiting entire process.

Our founder, Coach Tobias Pinson, coached Division 1 and Division 2 College Basketball for 5 years prior to starting the company in 2019 and also played Division 1 Basketball.

Please take a look at our services and reach out if you have any questions.

Where Hoop Juice Recruiting Clients Have Played College Basketball

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